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I, Takuro Inoue MD, PhD, have performed neurosurgery for almost 30 years. My career began in 1991 with general neurosurgery, including emergency cases and cerebrovascular disease. Inspired by my mentor, Dr. Takanori Fukushima MD, DMSc, I focused on brain tumors and microvascular decompression for the latter half of my career. I have performed more than 6000 neurosurgical cases to date. The treatments differ depending on individual patients. The type of surgery done takes into consideration the patient’s age, medical condition, and associated disease if any.

For benign brain tumors located at the skull base, such as vestibular schwannoma and meningioma, total excision is ideal. However, total removal attempt may entail significant health risk to the patient. The combination of operative partial tumor removal along with Gamma Knife treatment minimizes the risk of complications. At Koto Memorial Hospital, we perform non-invasive Gamma Knife radiosurgery, which involves no knife or incision, but rather uses focused beams of radiation to control tumors without damaging healthy tissue.

Microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia and hemifacial spasm is another field I have been focusing on for many years. Pre-operative precise imaging with 3D picture reconstruction allows me to perform safer surgeries. I am able to see the nerves and blood vessels before operating, which reduces surgical time, and allows effective decompression with the minimum of procedures needed.

Koto Memorial Hospital is located in Shiga Prefecture of Japan, between Nagoya and the historical city Kyoto. We are proud that we can provide superior medical services and welcome patients from all over the world. For international travelers, arriving at Nagoya airport and taking a train to Maibara station provides the most convenient access.

Takuro Inoue

Chief Director, Neurosurgery, Koto Memorial Hospital
Takuro Inoue MD,PhD.

How to Avoid and Treat Failure in Microvascular Decompression ZOOM presentation on 2 Aug 2020


Takuro Inoue

Head director, Neurosurgery, Koto Memorial Hospital
Executive Officer of Koto Memorial Hospital
Clinical Instructor, Shiga University of Medical Sciences
Consultant Neurosurgeon, Andalusia Hospital, Alexandria, Egypt
Consultant Neurosurgeon, National Brain Hospital, Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Over 30 years of experience in neurosurgery
  • Skull base Surgery
  • Microvascular Decompression
  • Gamma Knife Surgery
  • Training young neurosurgeons

Clinical experience in neurosurgery since 1991.
Residency program in the Shiga University of Medical Science, Osaka Saiseikai Hospital, Kyoto Okamoto Hospital for general neurosurgery. Post-doctoral fellowship at the University of British Columbia, Canada.
Clinical experiences in Vancouver General Hospital until 1998. Dedicated in Skull base surgery, microvascular decompression, and radiosurgery since 2004 with many clinical cases with Prof. Takanori Fukushima, MD, DMSc, Duke University. Currently, performing skull base surgery, microvascular decompression for domestic and international patients at Koto Memorial Hospital.
An educational project including clinics and surgery in developing countries is another ongoing clinical practice.


1991.3 Shiga University of Medical Science, Japan
1997.4 University of British Columbia, Canada
1999.3 Post Graduate School of University of Shiga Medical Science, Japan


1991.4 Neurosurgery, University of Shiga Medical Science Hospital
1992.1 Neurosurgery, Saiseikai Hospital, Osaka
1995.4 Okamoto General Hospital, Kyoto
1997.4 Vancouver General Hospital, Canada
1998.10 Hino Memorial Hospital, Shiga
2004.12 Koto Memorial Hospital, Shiga
2015.2 Consultant Neurosurgeon, Andalusia Hospital, Alexandria, Egypt
2017.2 Consultant Neurosurgeon, National Brain Hospital, Jakarta, Indonesia
2022.6 Visiting Professor, National Brain Center Hospital


Specialist in skull base surgery, facial spasm, trigeminal neuralgia, stereotactic radiosurgery


  • The Japan Neurosurgical Society
  • The Japanese Congress of Neurosurgery
  • Japan Society for Microvascular Decompression Surgery
  • Japanese Society on Surgery for Cerebral Stroke
  • The Japanese Society of Stereotactic Radiosurgery
  • Japanese society for skull base surgery
  • Japan Society of Pain Clinicians
  • The Japan society for minimally invasive neurosurgical treatment and skull base surgery
  • The Japanese Leksell Gamma Knife Society
  • Japanese Society of Acoustic Neurinoma

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